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Meet the Founders

Our founding leadership team brings in-depth training, work experience and diverse lived experiences which benefits our partnership and collaborative spirit.  The BIPOC Coach Collective is a reflection of our complementary skills and deep love and dedication to the mission of the organization. 

Our Story

The BIPOC Coach Collective was born from a desire to create the change our founder Reem Labib Tyson wanted to see in the leadership coaching space.


As Reem was matriculating through her executive coach training program, the lens of the dominant culture was deeply embedded in the curriculum and the lack of ethnic/racial diversity in the instructors and students was starkly apparent. She longed for more varied perspectives and despite her usual tendency to speak her thoughts and opinions often and boldly in professional settings, she found herself feeling discouraged to bring her100% authentic self to class.


This experience caused her to think more broadly about the power of language and to question the current practices in the coaching training space. She knew first hand the strong impact it had on her and was curious if other coaches of the global majority were experiencing the same challenges.  

Reem felt compelled to disrupt this narrative.  She created a Google doc in an effort to gather a group of coaches to create an affinity space. Her intention was to have a small group of thought partners and peers to learn with and from and it quickly grew into a movement. People were joining the collective from all over the world and were sharing the gratitude for feeling seen and heard in the space.


This was the final push she needed and the BIPOC Coach Collective was born in July 2020.

Our Goals and Focus Remain the Same Since Day One…




Thought Leadership

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Directory of

Top Notch Coaches

BIPOCC Coach Collective

"To curate a brave and authentic space for coaches to connect and to elevate our voices globally in the coaching profession"

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