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Ever since I can remember, curiosity in people has always been my passion. I spent my formative years in both Arlington, VA and Cairo, Egypt - exposed to various cultures, languages, and foods, along with different ways of being in the world. Long before I could ever articulate what human phenomena were, I was definitely interested in them!

I am a certified executive coach, educator, author, and dreamer. I am also a son, a brother, an uncle, a partner, a friend; a creative, an intellect, Egyptian-American, a human in perpetual growth.

Prior to coaching, I was an early childhood teacher before becoming an elementary vice principal. As my career grew, I saw that I was getting further and further from what I loved the most: growing people.

Becoming a coach was a case of right-time-right-place. My first role came when a childhood friend asked me to be a founding coach for a startup that she was piloting - that organization, Edwell, is now national in scope, supporting classroom teachers through 1-on-1 wellness coaching. Through that experience, I fell in love with coaching. Wanting to pursue formal certification, I talked to Reem Labib Tyson, and old family friend, who told me about a days-old organization she heard about that was sponsoring folks of color to become certified coach. I applied and was accepted as a fellow with Coaching for Everyone - an organization that seeks to diversify the coaching field and make coaching more accessible to communities of color. In 2022, I received my CPCC through the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI).

I hold a bachelor's degree in sociology from the University of Virginia, and earned advanced degrees from the schools of education at Harvard University (human development and psychology) and Columbia University (school leadership).

Fun facts about me include:

  • I am wild about houseplants. I have over 75 plants in my home and love giving home-grown plants to friends, and cultivating houseplant confidence in others.

  • I grew up singing my whole life. In college, I was in an a capella group and after graduation I performed with the National Cathedral choir. I even tried out for American Idol (spoiler alert: I didn’t win).

  • I went to a military school for two years of my high school experience.

  • I was once a contestant on a game show called “Let’s Ask America”.

  • I have been in a fantasy football league with my best friends from middle school for 24 years.

  • I ran the Baltimore half-marathon in 2019.


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Zakaria Sherbiny, MEd, CPCC, ACC

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