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Marie Deveaux is an executive leadership coach whose mission is to magnify the voices and agency of women and minorities in their work spaces.

Marie started her career in Americorps, serving youth in under-served communities. That led her to a robust career in education and management that led to being the Director of Training and Development at one of the largest charter school networks in New York City. Marie spent twelve years designing custom leadership development programming and learning experiences prior to starting her independent consulting practice.

Marie has brought her training and inclusive workshop interventions to companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, WPP, the 4As, Rocketship Education, Spotify, KIPP New Jersey, and the Ford Foundation.

Marie’s consulting and coaching philosophy focuses on self awareness, compassion and effective communication as an avenue for fostering deeper connections in relationships. Through this lens, we deepen capability in how we are relating with our work, ourselves as workers, and with those who co-work alongside us. Marie offers avenues for each participant to further understand themselves in relationship with others in support of creating inclusive work cultures that allow the nurturing of the individual and the group simultaneously.

Marie holds a Master of Science in Management from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor of Arts in English and American Literature from New York University. Her executive coach training was completed at ICF accredited Accomplishment Coaching. She is a Professional Certified Coach, and member of The International Coaching Federation.

Marie is an avid reader, loves to dance, bake (and eat) pies, and occasionally rollerskates in her neighborhood. She is a United States resident and lives with her husband, and their two children.


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