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Greetings BIPOC Community, I am Staci “Kitt” White, Founder and Chief Coaching Officer of Kitt White Coaching LLC.  Kitt is my father’s nickname for me.   It reflects the intersection of my strength, vulnerability and free-spirited nature.  It is also a way to pay tribute to the foundation my family laid for me and the model I am committed to being for my goddaughter, godson, nieces and nephew.  

Kitt White Coaching was born out of a life of beautiful, challenging and unexpected experiences that continue to transform me into the person I was destined to become and have led me to a life's motto of fearless joy.  My journey has proven  that life’s challenges arise to provide clarity to our path.  It has taught me the difference between happiness and joy.  Happiness is dependent on circumstances.  Joy is grounded deep within us and quietly (at times not so quietly) reminds us of the light within.  Specializing in transformational and leadership coaching, our mission is to empower individuals to live vibrant, intentional lives grounded in wellbeing. 

What is a vibrant, intentional life?  Everyone’s definition is uniquely their own.  Much like a chapter of a book it is a reflection of where you are in your life.  Like a beautifully written and captivating book, there is a thread that connects the chapters throughout the central character's journey.  One experience builds on the next.  Our commitment at Kitt White Coaching is to walk that journey with you and create space for you to reflect on your past, understand and embrace your present and fearlessly write your next chapters of a life you love.  Our services include:

Individual and Group Coaching 

  • Transformational: Partner with women to activate their greatness, cultivate their voice, and connect to their purpose to curate a life they love.

  • Leadership: Partner with new, rising and emerging leaders to align their skills with emotional intelligence to cultivate resilient, collaborative and high-performing teams.

Keynotes and Presentations: Our focus is on DEI, leadership development, emotional intelligence, patient experience/advocacy. 

I am excited to be a part of this community and look forward to what we will build together.


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