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Kenyatta Turner, MM, BSPC, is a Behavioral SuperPowers Coach and Master Trainer with over 28 years of executive leadership experience in post-secondary education institutions across Arizona. As the Founder/CEO of Freedom Empire Consulting and Co-founder of DreamSmart Behavioral Solutions, Kenyatta is dedicated to delivering real-time scientifically validated behavioral assessments that unleash the Behavioral SuperPowers of individuals, families, organizations, clients, and coaches. She is passionate about empowering coaches and consultants to use the multidimensional Behavioral SuperPowers Discovery platform to transform their personal and professional lives. #BehaviorMatters 💜️💜

Kenyatta creates and implements actionable behavioral-based strategies that align behavioral differences, impact communications, and reduce relational friction while improving team and organizational performance. Her dynamic growth mindset and outgoing, fast-paced "Influencer" Behavioral SuperPower make her an engaging and inspiring speaker who can captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. Kenyatta's unshakeable commitment to helping others flourish and her creative and analytical thinking make her an outstanding coach who can empower individuals and organizations to unlock their true potential.

Kenyatta is a lifelong learner who graduated with honors with a Master's in Management and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. She is also an avid volunteer who dedicates her time and expertise to various community organizations, including mentoring the youth of Girls Rock! Phoenix, supporting the women at Fresh Start Women's Foundation and volunteering at Central Arizona Shelter Services. As a Community Ambassador for the Junior League of Phoenix, she continues to impact her community positively and beyond.


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Freedom Empire Consulting AND DreamSmart Behavioral Solutions
Founder, Chief Behavioral SuperPowers Officer
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Behavioral SuperPowers Certification, DNA Natural and Financial Behavior Accreditation

Kenyatta Turner, MM, BSPC

Behavioral SuperPowers Coach

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