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Hello! I'm Jocelyn Auyeung, and I specialize in coaching career-driven moms. I help them seamlessly blend their work and personal lives by changing their mindset about time management, teaching stress management skills, and establishing habits that align with their values. My goal is to help working moms become more productive, efficient, and effective in both their careers and homes.

I'm a Certified Life and Mental Health Coach for Working Moms, and an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. I'm also the host of the Empowered Working Mom Revolution podcast, which aims to help working moms create transformational change in their lives. Come check out the podcast on Apple or Spotify Podcasts.

Most importantly, I'm a wife and a working mom with two pre-teen daughters and a 3-year-old pug.


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Jocelyn Auyeung Coaching, LLC
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ICF Associate Certified Coach

Jocelyn Auyeung, ACC

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