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As a multidimensional, energetic, neurodivergent Black woman raised by two accomplished executive coaches, I possess a unique combination of professional and lived experiences that allow me to coach holistically. I am able to hold space with authenticity, empathy, and grace while understanding the impact of systems, culture, trauma, and neurodiversity.

I am professionally trained in evidence-based coaching methodologies and related theories from an ICF-accredited Level 2 program. I have over a decade of marketing leadership, facilitation, and instructional experience guiding B2B tech executives and their teams on marketing, operations, and team alignment. From helping companies like MadKudu, SAP Concur, Microsoft, Fitbit, Checkr, and more, I have a strong background in developing relationships and individuals, helping organizations identify and address critical gaps, and ultimately creating programs and cultures of success and fulfillment.

My formal coaching education includes Fielding Graduate University - Evidence Based Coaching, International Coaching Federation, and Positive Intelligence.

I am passionate about passing on knowledge to others through storytelling. I speak on the topics of moving past fear, preventing and overcoming burnout, getting unstuck in your career, and becoming your best-empowered purpose-driven self. 


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