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FAQ: Membership Renewal

  • When a member is moved to a new membership, will they receive a cancellation email?

    • A: One of the issues we have uncovered is that when we were testing the transition from the current plan, plan cancellation emails were being sent out automatically. Those did not include any information about when the plan ended, what happens next, where profiles and access go. If you have received a cancellation email in the past few days and you did NOT request to cancel, please disregard the automated message until further notice. ​

  • For members who may want to sign-up for the annual membership, but cannot afford to purchase the membership in one payment, is there an option BIPOCCC will provide?

    • A: Yes! We now offer Paypal so that you can set payment plans through Paypal at your convenience. We are looking into other services that would help keep things simple for all.


  • If a member has been canceled already, who will reach out to them?

    • Gwen is going to be the lead on all questions regarding membership. Please feel free to reach her directly at or set up a chat on Calendly


  • How does one membership benefit the members?

    • One of the lessons we learned during year 1 is that most of our members are asking for the same benefits. We want all of our members to have access to the same information in a timely manner and at times, some opportunities could be limited to others. In addition, having a simpler plan allows us to focus on providing a high quality experience for all members. 


  • What is the deadline for the Champ membership rollout?

    • We hope to have everything in place by early April 2024 so that all members that signed up prior to February 1, 2024 are transitioned to the new plan and benefits. 

    • How long of a notice will be provided to monthly payment members who are not used to paying a larger amount?

      • We aim to give everyone 45 days to plan for the transition. If you are in need of more time, or need additional support, please contact Gwen as soon as possible. 


  • How will refunds for current Executive members be applied?

    • Please contact Gwen ASAP to review your membership plan. Options include a partial refund or an option to help fund another coaches’ membership.  We will gladly accept donations to help fund memberships for coaches in their startup phase. It’s our way to pay it forward and help coaches who have a current barrier to join.

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